How it Works

How Exactly do you Sell
your House for Cash?

How Exactly do you Sell your House for Cash?

Let’s get you closed with cash in hand as fast as possible. Here’s how the process works with the Green Investment Group.


First you need to give us all the details about your property. We will then determine if we need to schedule an actual appointment to view the property. After our assessment of the property, we will give you a fair cash offer. From there, a sales contract is signed by the buyer and seller, and delivered to the title company. The title company starts the closing process by opening a title order. The file begins to be processed and the title search is ordered which includes obtaining tax information, loan payoffs, liens, judgments, payoffs for utility bills, etc.


Basically, the title company has to verify that you indeed are the owner of the property. The title company will search public records for deeds, mortgages, liens, wills, judgments, and other documents affecting the title to the property. Any debts owed against the property are determined at this time.


Time to set the date for closing! Buyer and Seller will meet, presenting valid photo IDs at time of closing. Typically these are set Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


The seller signs the deed, closing affidavit, HUD settlement sheet, and other standard documents. The buyer also signs the deed and other standard documents. Lastly, the buyer gives the money to the title company and the title company disburses payment to the seller.


After the signing has been completed, the closing agent will forward payment to any prior lender(s). In addition, all liens, judgments, unpaid bills, and/or debt that affect the title of the property will be paid off at settlement. The transaction documents are recorded in the county in which the property is located. Title insurance policies are prepared and sent to the buyer. This all happens without any further actions by the buyer or seller.

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