Landlords Selling Rental Property

Landlords Selling
Rental Property

Landlords Selling Rental Property

Being a landlord is not a job for the faint of heart. You put in a lot of hard work to maintain the property, make regular repairs, manage tenants, and all the other requirements that go with it. If you’re like most landlords, you originally went into the renting business so you could make some dependable extra income. Who wouldn’t want a regular rent payment every month, that extra $1200 or whatever the amount is could cover so many bills!

But what happens when property management gets out of balance? As your rental property becomes older, it may need more and more expensive repairs. Suddenly you may realize that you’re not making any money at all; in fact, you’re spending every dime and then some on trying to keep up with maintenance. Things like a new roof, plumbing issues, or foundation problems could mean that you can’t even have tenants. Now you’re stuck with an expensive money pit on your hands and no way to raise the funds to cover the cost of repairs.

Sell your Rental Property for Cash

Rental properties aren’t like other investments that you can easily unload in just a few seconds! If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work or repairs you have to do, selling your property for cash in as-is condition might be the perfect solution. You can be DONE with the whole situation in a matter of weeks. Worried about your tax situation or paying capital gains? We can help you navigate your circumstances so that you are in the best possible position.

Sell your property for any reason: too many repairs, vacancy, tired of managing bad tenants, or if you just plain don’t want to be a landlord anymore. Tell us about your rental property and let the Green Investment Group get you a fast cash offer.

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